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Sports Spotlight

2023 Southern Heritage Classic

by Phillip Williams

UAPB/AM&N National Alumni Board Member, UAPB Metro Atlanta Alumni Chapter

The successful planning and organization of the classic would not have been possible without the outstanding leadership and organization from the Memphis Alumni Association lead by chapter president Mr. Johnnie Young and Southern Heritage Classic committee chair Mr. Jimmy Foxx (National Alumni Board Member and Memphis Alumni Chapter).

Foxx, gives special recognition and thanks four sub-committees for making this event a success.  Mr. Foxx stated that there were four core goals and values that went into their mission for this year’s classic: 1) Giving back and serving “Dear Mother” 2) Furthering the brand of UAPB 3) Making sure the athletic department remains financially solvent 4)And certainly not least – Recruitment!

Countless hours and numerous zoom calls took place to ensure the mass communication was reaching our alumni base north, south, east, and west of Memphis, TN. These efforts ensured the turnout and ticket sales from our fan base. There were outreach to churches, youth ministries, high schools and various youth groups and organizations, resulting in our youth and alumni traveling as far away as California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, DC, North Carolina, South Carolina and beyond.

Place photo of chancellor Alexander and President Thompson Here

Thank you, Golden Lions Nation for showing up! A big thank you to Mr. Foxx and the UAPB/AM&N Memphis Alumni Chapter for making this event a ROARING success!

Mark your calendars for next year’s Southern Heritage Classic – September 14, 2024 (make it a 3-day event September 12-14). The host hotel will remain the same – The Sheraton Downtown Memphis.

The years attendance was 32,000.  Next year goal is to increase attendance by 10,000 or more. The national eye is on us, Lion Nation. We need your support again next year to root our GOLDEN LOINS to victory!

Thank you, Lion Nation. “WHO YOU RUTTIN FOR”!