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UAPB/AM&N Alumni Center Partner’s Program

“You Can Make a Difference”

 Phillip Williams, Co-Chair UAPB/AM&N Alumni Center Capital Champaign  and UAPB Alumni Board Member

The Partner’s Program is a creative way for alumni to help raise funds for the Alumni Center while creating credits toward their desired donation amount. When you as a Partner solicits a donation from a fellow alumnus or friend of UAPB.AM&N, you will receive 10% credit of all funds raised. When you as a Partner recruit other Partners, you will receive 5% credit of all the funds raised by your recruited Partners. For more information, email us at : [email protected] or call the Alumni Office at 870-536-2309. We need and appreciate your participation.

UAPB/AM&N Alumni Association is a 501 C0(3) charitable Organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible in the year made.