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Editorial’s Corner      

By Dr. Helen Johnson AM&N/UAPB Alumni Board Member

During a lifetime, you may change careers several times.  We would like to encourage UAPB Alumni to reinvent themselves and consider new challenges and seek out new horizons.   If you have written a book, started a new business venture, attained a noteworthy accomplishment that might inspire others, please share it with us ([email protected]).  We would like to hear about it and celebrate you and your achievements.

This issue we want to introduce a new writer, Lincoln Butler, Sr…

On January 6, 2023, Butler proudly released his first book titled, “My Journey.” This inspiring and intriguing autobiography shares with the readers how this author overcame different types of adversity and health issues and still achieved against the odds. Throughout the book are what the author calls “Lessons Learned.” This is where he shares little motivational nuggets to help inspire the reader and provide encouragement to NOT give up; to keep moving forward, no matter what life throws your way. He also reminds us that it does take a lot of hard work, perseverance, determination, and faith. But it can be done!

Butler is a UAPB Alumni and proud member of the Class of 1969. He credits this outstanding institution with providing the foundation for his success.  At UAPB, he earned a BA degree in social science; M.Ed. from Lehman College in Bronx, NY; and Certification in Administration and Supervision from the University of Texas @ Commerce.

Butler’s book, “My Journey,” is very relatable and easy to read and it may be found on Amazon.