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How well do you know “Dear Mother” and her history?

By Janice L. Roberts AM&N/UAPB Alumni Board Member 

Here’s your chance to prove your knowledge of “HER” past, present and future!

Test yourself with the questions below!

1873 – 1921


Branch Normal College, c. 1910

  1. Branch Normal College were founded in ________, as the second oldest public college in the State of Arkansas.
  1. The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff was authorized in 1873 by the Reconstruction-era legislature as the ______________________________ and opened in _______________ with ____________ ___________ __________ principal.
  1. ___________________________________, it was nominally part of the “normal” (education) department of Arkansas_______________________, later the University of Arkansas. It was operated separately as part of a compromise to get a college for____________________, as the state maintained racial segregation well into the 20th century. (Although the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville was integrated when it opened in______________, it soon became segregated after the end of Reconstruction and didn’t start desegregation until___________.)
  1. It later was designated as a______________________________. As Congress had originally established the land grant             colleges to provide education to all qualified students in a state, in ________ it required states                               maintaining   segregated systems to establish a separate land-grant university for blacks as well as whites.


  1. How Academic Divisions the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) has ____________;

Name three of the divisions:

  1. __________________, 2. ____________________, and 3. _________________________?
  1. What comprehensive ______________________ program in Arkansas, established to help support the state’s ___________________________________industry?


  1. UAPB’s colors are ________ & _________ and the mascot is the _______________. Arkansas–Pine Bluff’s sports teams have participated in what divisions and conference?

University Museum and Cultural Center

  1. The University Museum and Cultural Center on the campus of UAPB contains _______, _____,  _______,  ____________, that document the lives and culture of African-Americans who helped shaped the history of UAPB and the Arkansas Delta. It is the only museum of its kind in Arkansas and was established in 2005.
  2. Which Housing Complex is named after an Acting Chancellor?


  1. He was a renowned tenor who performed in Caldwell Hall during the A. M. & N. era. Who was this gentleman?
  1. Who designed the first two coins bearing the likeness of African-Americans?


  1. 1873
  2. Branch Normal College, 1875, and Joseph Carter Corbin
  3. A historically black college, Industrial University, Black students, 1872, and 1948
  4. Land-grant college under the 1890 federal amendments to Morrill Land-Grant Acts, and 1890
  5. Eight (8); 1. The School of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Human Sciences; 2. The School of Arts and Sciences; 3. The School of Business and Management; 4. The School of Education; 5. Graduate Studies & Continuing Education; 6. Carolyn F. Blakely Honors Program; 7. Military Science, and 8. University College
  6. Aquaculture, and $167 million Aquaculture
  7. Black & Gold, and Golden Lion; and NCAA Division I, Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) since re-joining the conference in 1998
  8. Photographs, Catalogs, Yearbooks, Letters, Artifacts, Portraits and other Ephemera