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The Editorial


Congratulations to all UAPB Alumni who were recently elected as public officials, as well as those who have remained in office and continue to serve these United States of America. The recent election was rewarding, as well as disappointing in several areas. Nevertheless, we continue to move forward as a people.

We are thankful for those who are willing to stand for us, serve with us, and lead us in all of our political races. We recognize the challenges, the sacrifices, and the hard work that is being done. Let us encourage our political leaders to continue to aspire to greatness. We have made monumental gains over the last 50 years yet; this is just the beginning. We also want to encourage any and all of you with aspirations to move forward to reach out to the many alumni who already are holding office throughout our country. Numerous sacrifices have already been made to maintain the freedoms that were won throughout the Civil Rights era.

Let us not go to sleep at this point, because of a few setbacks, but continue to press towards the mark. The battle is not over because the struggle continues. Let’s get involved at the local level, at the state level, at the national level, wherever your talents will benefit the masses. Future generations are looking to us to lead the way.

So, as we continue to utilize the skills, talents and abilities that God has blessed us with, remember” Our Dear Mother,” which helped to prepare us to move along the way. Don’t forget to recommend and encourage her to your family and friends, so that we continue to produce high-quality leadership throughout the nation and the world.

Doing this holiday season, be thankful for what we have already been blessed with. Let us continue recognizing our creator, recognizing our families, and all of those who have supported us to help us to be where we are in life, financially, emotionally socially, politically and continue to help others on this journey.

Again, thanks to our political leaders. We encourage you to keep going. Don’t get discouraged!